Kinetic Core


Kinetic Core: Utilizing our exclusive solid Supercell core material, this cutting-edge advancement offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it the ideal choice for pickleball. Its solid closed cell composition and outstanding fatigue resistance make it highly resilient against environmental factors. This core is used in the worlds most demanding applications.  To further optimize performance, the Supercell core is fully faced with 12K carbon fiber. The seamless integration between the solid foam, advanced carbon layup, and paddle face ensures unparalleled consistency, durability, and energy efficiency. This meticulous construction minimizes paddle distortion and flex during impact, enabling precise and consistent shots. Regardless of the exerted force, each stroke yields an equivalent and impactful response.

Most other Cores: Most other paddles on the market use a “honeycomb” core that had many disadvantages.  First off is the material alone, under $100 price points use resin coated paper as the honeycomb structure, higher end models use plastic (poly, nomex, etc).  Secondly, honeycomb cores are mostly air.  When subject to hot or cold temperatures, the expansion and contraction not only make you paddle play differently, it also works to break down the bond between the core and face of your paddle, shortening it’s lifespan.  And finally, since the honeycomb structure is so open, the bonding surface between the core and the paddle surface is very small.  This small surface area also takes all of the impact forces from hitting a ball, again resulting in a short lifespan of your paddle.

The FIREFLY journey started with a powerful vision: Create a paddle that is both high performance as well as durable...

By leveraging over 50 years of sports equipment development expertise, we create exceptional pickleball paddles that enhance every player's performance. We are players ourselves and carry a deep understanding of athletes' needs, from beginners to champions in a relentless quest for perfection. Through countless prototypes and using cutting-edge technology, we are redefining the standards of pickleball equipment.

Driven by our dedication to excellence and genuine love for the sport, we establish FIREFLY – a brand created to represent innovation and unwavering commitment to quality. With the support of our exclusive 100% solar-powered manufacturing facility, we are pushing the boundaries of the industry, crafting paddles for you.

At FIREFLY, our mission is clear: to enrich your pickleball journey and amplify your enjoyment of the game. We're here to stand by your side, offering the tools and expertise needed for success on the court. Join us in embracing the FIREFLY experience and take your game to new heights.