If your current paddle has a honeycomb core, the question is not if it's going to crush, its when. Our solid core paddles not only won't break down, but but will also take your game to the next level.

Meticulously crafted from the finest materials and battle-tested for durability - these paddles will supercharge your performance on the court.


Environmental impact is on everyone's mind these days, and we are trying to do our part! In an effort to make the biggest impact possible, all of our paddles are crafted in a 100% solar-powered facility.

While some brands are starting to sprinkle in a few sustainable materials into their paddles, from day one we've committed to renewable energy for our entire paddle line. Choosing a paddle made in a solar-powered facility means supporting a cleaner, greener future, and playing with the best gear that’s good for you and our planet.

Join us on this journey toward sustainable excellence!


    Our solid supercell core outperforms any honeycomb core, and it’s worth every penny! It is much more stable in any condition and makes every shot extremely accurate.


    We have integrated a heavier edge around our lightweight core, extending the sweet spot in all directions and enhance forgiveness during gameplay.


    Whether you're on the court, dealing with changing temperatures, or facing any challenge, our paddles are designed for consistent performance. Built to withstand the toughest tests, they never disappoint!

Which paddle is right for you?

Luckily, we've made it simple! Both the ONE S1 and the Generator L1 are crafted from the same exceptional materials—the only difference is the paddle shape.

  • Choose the ONE if....

    - You want a paddle with a wider, more forgiving sweet spot.

    - Increased hand speed at the net is important to you.

    - You value a perfect balance between power and finesse.

  • Choose the Generator if....

    - With a tennis background, a longer paddle feels natural to you.

    - Extra reach is more important than forgiveness.

    - You want to boost your game with added power.