Our Paddle Face

Most other competitive paddle faces

Revolution Paddle Face:  Made from a highly durable polymer, our Revolution paddle face relies on molecular adhesion as opposed to friction caused by surface roughness.  This creates a consistent, extremely durable paddle face that will feel the same a year from now as it does today.

Raw Carbon: Many of the hot paddles on the market use “raw carbon fiber” faces for their paddles.  What this actually is is carbon fiber with a peel ply polyester sheet added on top to create a texture.  Some of the texture is from that carbon fiber, but most is a result of the fabric impression.  Since this texture is mostly resin, it starts breaking down as soon as you start using it, and loses spin properties along the way.

Apex HD Sidewalls:  Our Apex sidewalls provide an integrated, durable solution to edge protection using a high density, extremely resilient polymer.  Additionally, the relative high weight of this edge increases paddle stability as well as magnifying the size of the paddle sweet spot.

Other sidewalls: Either fall into one of 2 categories.  1) a piece of plastic trim glued onto the paddle.  This is durable, replaceable, but impedes edge shots and increases aerodynamic drag.  2) Carbon fiber is wrapped around the edges of the paddle, creating an edgeless paddle.  This edge is very brittle an most manufacturers recommend protective tape.